Executive Management
  • Position President of Board Directors
  • Education He holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science and mathematics from Indiana Purdue University in Indianapolis,USA.
  • Position Vice-President of the Board of Director
  • Education He holds a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering
  • Position Executive Director
  • Education Ph.D. in Islamic Studies
  • Position Senior Researcher
  • Education A Juris Doctor Degree from Depaul University in Chicago
Research Unit
  • Position Senior Researcher
  • Education Master in Political Science
  • Position Senior Fellow
  • Education MA in Diplomatic Studies at The Diplomatic Academy of London, University of Westminster, UK.
  • Position Nonresident Fellow
  • Education Under Construction
  • Position Researcher
  • Education Masters in Economics
  • Position Researcher
  • Education Under Construction
  • Position Researcher
  • Education He holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations
  • Position Fellow
  • Education Under Construction
  • Position Information Unit Manager
  • Education Master in Business Administration
  • Position Kurdish analyst
  • Education BA: English/Arabic translation from Damascus University.
  • Position Fellow Researcher
  • Education He has a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and M.A. in Political Science
عمران للدراسات

عمران للدراسات

. @Nawaroliver expert in military situation at the #Omran_Center was the A News guest in their news hour, he talk…
قدم الباحث محمد العبد الله تصريحاً لصحيفة الاستقلال @alestiklal ضمن ملف حمل عنوان: "رغم دعم إيران للأسد.. ما أسباب…
.@Hatahet from the Omran Center of Strategic Studies will be one of the panelists in a live event held by @Seta t…
شارك الباحث المساعد @MuhsenAlmustafa في مداخلة مع وطن أف أم، تحدث فيها عن #انتخابات_الرئاسة_السورية موضحاً أنها م…
I. Introduction Both Turkey and Russia agreed to a ceasefire in Idlib starting at midnight…
Tuesday April 21
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Executive Summary to Original Arabic Paper: Within the "Trinity of Leadership" approach which employed a…
Tuesday March 31
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This report examines, in numbers and charts, the developments in the northern region of Syria…
Wednesday December 18
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Executive Summary This study examines the constitutional question in Syria from various political perspectives. The…
Tuesday December 10
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